Author: Anya

  • Avatar

    So my avatar is a Wonder Woman image from the late Darwyn Cooke. I was remembering when I was younger watching the Linda Carter Wonder Woman TV show, and wishing I could transform into Wonder Woman if I spun around enough. Enough wishing; I think it’s time to move on to doing.  

  • My special place

    A lot of times, people recommend that you have a special place that you can go to in your head, to allow you breathing space when dealing with something that’s being particularly stressful. I have two variations on this, one takes place during the day, and the other at night. Both take place on a […]

  • So here’s the thing

    I was born male. I’ve never really felt completely comfortable with that. Maybe it was due to the fact that I had mostly sisters. I grew up, and tried to do many of the manly things – football, rugby but I didn’t stick with them for too long – I was somewhat afraid of the […]

  • It’s the start of a brand new day

    I don’t really know where to start. I hope I truly understand what I’m doing here.